When the certified project manager may fail the project

When the certified project manager may fail the project

The certified project manager is the most important role in a project. These professionals can work wonders and complete your project on time and within budget. However, a certified project manager can do a lot of damage. If a professional has a diploma or certificate from a university or a popular certification body, this does not mean for sure that he can succeed.

Let us tell you a story. Participants are a certified project manager, stakeholders, the client, the project director, and the project development, team. Inspiration article (reference): Certified project manager shares his wisdom, https://newia.info/certified-project-manager-shares-his-wisdom/

The project manager has quit his job and has written a negative review for the company on the Internet.

In most cases where I have seen such Internet statements, it is a frustrated employee who is dissatisfied or extremely frustrated with something and therefore has started to leave his job. For example, dissatisfied with the way of working, team, attitude towards himself, lack of feedback from his direct supervisor, lack of additional incentives, complex or not so pleasant relationships and relationships with management, customers, etc. The factors for his dissatisfaction can be several and different. Unfortunately, this certified project manager has already left the organization and we cannot find out from him so that we can change the situation and prevent a second such case. However, here is my opinion on the specific statement of the former certified project manager. If he has found a great project management certification from a popular media, this may be the reason to get great skills and amaze the clients from the first place. ReferenceTop 40 Project Management certifications for 2021 and 2022 by Ashton Williams (Scrum Time, ISSN 2652-5445)https://scrumtime.org/top-project-management-certifications/

The certified project manager must maintain the authority of the organization

He undermines the authority of the entire organization by not recommending other people to apply for jobs in it. This has always been unacceptable to me as a professional. Even more, has been done in a way that will reach everyone in public. I think that this person had a problem with you and the relationship between you, but he made a mistake by turning the personal problem into a common and all-encompassing one and thus affected the image of the organization. The employee was extremely pressured by the project deadlines. He says the plan was made by him. Has this plan been discussed with you, with other managers, with the client? If so, has this plan been approved by all stakeholders? Reference: Best Project Management Certifications for 2021, author: Liam James, https://medium.com/best-project-management-certifications-for-2020/best-project-management-certifications-for-2020-b64c7210335 Was there a real delay in the described phases of the project or did the client just want things to happen faster? Was there a preliminary contract describing the deadline? Has the client signed such a preliminary contract? If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, then the employee has been wrongly pressed. If everything went according to plan, I see no reason for the client to complain to you about the actions of the employee and to claim that there is a delay. Like you. On the other hand, the employee had to help the programmers as well. But what was the reason for that? Was he responsible for the results of their tasks? Did they have enough information to do their job? If not, then it is his fault, because as a Project Manager you have to make sure that the information is clear, accurate, understood, and transmitted for execution by whoever needs it. If these programmers had a manager other than the former employee, then he should also pay more attention to his subordinates and how they fulfill their commitments. Programmers, on the other hand, if they had complete and accurate technical information, then it is their job to take care of the implementation of the technical part.

The certified project manager is not technically responsible for developing the product

The certified project manager is not the person who is technically responsible for developing the product. If they wanted someone’s help to make it easier, it means that effort and time are not valued enough. Reference: The Best Project Management Courses for 2021 and 2022, author: Marta Cooper, PolicyMatters ISSN: 1941-8280, 1941-8272, ISSN National Centre for the USA, United States, https://www.policymatters.net/best-project-management-courses/

No one in any organization should reach a state in which, for a personal reason or problem with a particular person/thing, to request redundancy or dismissal of everyone else. Therefore, I do not agree with the part in his statement about the redundancies. This is a decision of the management and if there are serious and specific reasons. But he was trusted and liked more the other owner of the company, who did not “grumble” to him about work and deadlines, as you did.
From the point of view of the last part of the speech, if he was still an employee and I was in your place, I would have fired him. I believe that it is inadmissible for him as an employee to communicate at such a high level, namely with the Executive Director on the part of the client, to insult the employees and to blame them for the failures in the project. Everyone has the right to be incompetent in something. His role is to explain everything in detail, clearly, and to make sure that it is understood correctly. On the other hand, clients have not yet taken a step towards having a conversation to make it clearer to them, to arrange a meeting or whatever, there are thousands of options.
As for his attitude directly towards you, you were the person who most often told him that there was no time, the project was delayed, etc. In this way, you have become “black” in his eyes. This is the reason why he insults you in his public speech.

My opinion is that everyone in the chain has made a huge mistake that leads to big problems – inaccurate, untimely, and inconsistent communication. Communication sustains success in every way. You did not find more time to talk to him, to try to understand his point of view. He proactively did not want to talk to you, to point out his difficulties and the problems he is facing. To ask for help or a solution, etc. The programmers and their managers also forgot to communicate with each other. The programmers and the former employee have been communicating, but I find it sharper and less professional. The employee did not show respect and understanding to the client he did not communicate properly with them so that they would be calm and aware of the project and all its details. Everyone in the chain has a fault, which in my opinion stems mostly from missing, incorrect, or untimely communication.

When asked if you should lay off any of the programmers, my advice would be to invest in employees, not lay them off. Invest in training. Have regular contact with them and their manager, take an interest in their problems, ask for reports on work done. Just be with them and show them that you care.
Regarding your other question whether to refuse future work with this client – the business strategy is in your hands and those of the other owner. I would not refuse a business with this client because a project failed or an employee left because he was dissatisfied or misunderstood. Sometimes there are indeed cases where just two people or two parties can in no way reach an agreement or cooperation for different reasons, but here you are and this is your role. When you see something like this, think about whether it is not a good idea to change the Project Manager next time, give him another project, and hire another person in his place. I would not define any client as a burden for project management. What kind of Project Manager you are and what skills and knowledge you have do not depend on the client, but on the person who holds the position. Therefore, the results also depend on his personality, knowledge, and skills.

Our new certified project manager

My name is Samantha James and I am the new certified project manager for the project. I will be your main person for communication, for exchanging information, for defining needs, for questions, sharing, everything you need or want to know.

I look forward to our joint work on this project and I want to assure you that you are in good hands. I am a person with experience in my field, I am always looking for new knowledge and skills to improve and be able to meet the needs of our clients, projects, and teams. It is important for me that you are satisfied with the project and, above all, happy with the result.

I am a person who is dedicated to what he does. As a project manager of your project, I assure you that you have my skills, knowledge, my motivation, and ambition, 100% dedication, and 100% responsibility.
A person who is decision-oriented, open to ideas, and communication. I work diligently with my team to achieve the ultimate goals. We have professionals in every field we need to bring things to a successful conclusion. Therefore, when you have any questions, there will always be someone to answer and consult you.

To be successful, we must work together. To communicate, to cooperate. Help is a two-way process that will lead us to the end. To be of maximum use to you, to achieve the best results, and to be satisfied in the end, I and the team will need your help and assistance.
In the process of work, we will have to ask you for additional information about your requirements, priorities, we will need contact persons from you. Importantly, we will need access to certain of your systems and/or technologies. Information and contacts of third parties with whom you work and accordingly will be useful to us.
Just as there are standards and regulations for many things because they improve the work and quality of systems and people, so we will need to make our Standard, a regulation on communication and work. We will save time, improve work, communication, and be more efficient. What does this so-called regulation involve? We describe how our communication will take place and for how long, what topics will be discussed, and which people from both organizations will participate.

For example, we understand each other once a month, in the form of a Webbox or zoom meeting, within an hour to say briefly how the work is going, what we have done, what questions have arisen, to clarify with you. You ask your questions, help us by answering ours and you’re done.
We will send you a proposal by e-mail, we will prepare and coordinate it on our part, then we will send it to you for comments and if you do not have them, then we already have our regulations.


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Of course, this does not mean that we will not hear or write at another time or use another channel. This regulation gives us a framework for periodic communication.

I don’t think that only once a month the whole communication ends. I am at your disposal, I will give you my contacts, personal, with whom you can contact me and discuss any questions or concerns you have.

Great things in business are not created by one person. They are created in teamwork, said Steve Jobs. I can’t wait to finish our project together.

One thought on “When the certified project manager may fail the project

  1. Customer dissatisfaction is a good reason. I wonder if the certified project manager has tried to understand the origin and nature of the dissatisfaction that arose in our customers, what are the reasons and who are the real responsible employees. It would be good for yourself to clarify these issues. The mere expression of dissatisfaction is not a solution to the situation thus created.
    Regarding the time schedule created by the project manager and the fact that it is not implemented correctly and the implementation of the project is delayed. The project manager could not be solely guilty of delaying the phases and activities of the project. The reason is probably due to untimely implementation of activities by a unit / or several units / participants in the project, which should be specified and an adequate decision taken.
    Communication with the client is important. Even if there are problems, delays or difficulties while working on the project, most of the reasons are good to share and discuss with the client. The reasons, which, as they say, are only for inside information, it is good to clarify and find a solution for them as soon as possible. There is no excuse for lack of communication with the client.
    The moment with the endless meetings and conversations with the programmers … They are close specialists in their field and the main thing is to explain very precisely and clearly what is required of them as a task. The feedback is very important – the programmers to answer whether it is possible and in what terms to complete the part of the project that is planned for their implementation. And this should be reflected in the time schedule of the project. All explanations, meetings and waste of time are unnecessary, hinder and burden the project schedule. If they are well-chosen specialists and understand their work, they do not need to be constantly explained what to do. Employees in a company are hired to take it to a new, higher level, not hired and trained to do the job for which they were hired. Yes, it is possible to consider optimizing the criteria for hiring programmers, as well as to make changes in the composition of the department, after discussion between the head of the department and the Human Resources department. Any development of the project, other than the one set in the plan and schedule / in positive or negative aspect /, is reported at a higher level.

    If there really is a problem on the part of the client with the people working on the project, we do not need to confront them. It is good to try to understand the weaknesses so that it is possible to explain to a responsible manager on the part of the client the real situation and to seek a solution to each other. Unproductive activities are not in the interest of us as a contractor or the client. Time is money and it is not wise to waste it.
    We harden ourselves in difficulties as professionals and learn from our mistakes and those of our clients. Please talk to the other partners and let this type of conversation not be initiated solely by online posts. It is good to have feedback from each unit in the organization about the course of work processes, difficulties and positive manifestations. It is good, in my opinion, to have information about everything that excites employees and it is within your competence to take a stand.


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